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Hi!  Thank you so much for donating to my campaign.  House campaigns in the State of Texas run between $100,000 and $350,000 per election cycle.  My anticipated adversary spent $110,000 last year fighting an opponent with 1/10 of the funds.  She is a 4-term incumbent that has built a lot of name recognition in my district.  I strongly believe I have a chance at winning if I 1) build name recongition and 2) get out the vote.  

To build the name recognition, I need marketing material (flyers/business cards), yard signs, t-shirts, and audio/visual advertisements.  Eventually, I will need to hire a paid campaign manager and other staff to help me win this election.  All things cost money. Therefore, every cent that you donate is highly appreciated and will be allocated to purchase the resources mentioned.  

I know you work hard for your money so I sincerely appreciate your financial support.  



Brandy K. Chambers

Candidate for House Rep. District 112



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